by Snail

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Side effects may include: MILD TO MODERATE DEATH
Side effects may include: MILD TO MODERATE DEATH thumbnail
Side effects may include: MILD TO MODERATE DEATH Excellent debut album from a super underrated band! These guys don't get the recognition they deserve! For fans of Alice in chains, Nirvana, Melvins, Fu Manchu, Kyuss, Sabbath, etc... Favorite track: Chewing Aspirin.
Jeff Richards
Jeff Richards thumbnail
Jeff Richards Love this album...Listening to it makes me want to take acid with this blasting in my cans wandering up and down the beach. Amazingly hallucinogenic...dark and moody....the right amount of atmospherics and effects...its like a darker & trippier Soundgarden minus the over-the-top vocals. I will always wonder how I missed these guys their first time around. They are a new favorite mine and I look forward to their future releases. A repress of this first album would be awesome! Favorite track: Your Song.
Brian Mosser
Brian Mosser thumbnail
Brian Mosser It has a grungy metally sound and i love it. It flows perfectly with my life anthems. Favorite track: Deep See Fishin'.
Mubla Na Thguob
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Mubla Na Thguob This is a great deal! Unfortunately, I accidentally bought the wrong size shirt because I'm a dumbass, but still, great deal!
Since I saw you the last time Things have changed on the inside I got back from the desert Found my Self in the sand Lonely, spirit Take my Self away Still sweet, godflesh Take me, cure me Cried out to you and you showed me Speak your sweetness in my ear I climbed all of your mountains Each peak a beacon to my home Since I saw you the last time Found my Self in the sand I climbed all of your valleys My desert home a beacon to my sheep
Confessions 03:05
Well I found out I'm a sinner But I can't help myself So just kick me out, I'm a cancer For want of drugs I'm alive So come on, try it, it's soooo gooood It won't hurt, it's just a gas! Remember that party, you fucked up All talk about tits and ass So far you're still religious Why won't you come on by? Cuz you know we're here waiting Waiting to get you high!
Sprain 05:02
She told me to wait til tomorrow But I won't last, the grasses are green We like it a blotter of paper See how nice our visions can be? The tablet communion of strychnine 500 of vitamin C 2 more and I'm really humming I'm peaking and now I can see We walked for hours You got it, your sprain Ride on your speed, oh You bought it, your sprain Drink deep from the wells of confusion No boundaries of human conceit That buzzing so distant and quiet Like waves in the ocean that speak
O.D. 04:29
I crave my captor She's been gone so long She just sits there staring Could there be something wrong? I found the reason She swallowed the pills And we just sit here thinking… So how come she's not blinking? Why am I sitting by myself? Why won't she talk to me? She's so pale But I won't let her go Cuz she's just making me nervous But soon we'll be home
Come on, sit down, and let's get loaded! We're skin-popping in our blistered arms I call the 8-ball in the corner pocket Let's make a run for the indoor farm I've been numb so long That I forgot my pain I'm just chasing the old buzz Drenched in acid rain Alright we're sailing in the realm of unconscious With blacklight shining in my dead man's eyes The universe open to understanding A revelation of the fucked up kind We rode the rail now I'm chewing aspirin My jaw's so tight I've got the joker's smile We danced around the room and stabbed with such daring! With shiny blue steel and sewing-spool eyes
Hard Lung 03:38
Goddamn pussy on the acid plane! 10,000 mics will give your mind a strain Wired up, dirty, want my piece of ass I smoke all day from an ounce of grass One-hit bowl won't do you no good I've got a bonfire burning, but it ain't no wood We sucked all night from the dirty water I tried for both, but I won't get either
Full-Acid 04:25
You crowd around me You crowd around my head See what you've made me? I made my Self instead Some cats they know me 6 sleeping in my bed They're purring louder Whispering in my head I'm speaking to my sheep I'm coming down Speak loudly someone Speak loudly from the soul Cry out my freedoms Til we bring it home Speak to me, the channels are open
Intuition 07:03
I heard a gunshot Did you hear a gun? It's close to me, too close to me He's out there watching His whiskers twitching Try to see, don't look for me Don't like your driving So just let me walk Just a mile, 200 miles Inside I'm searching That blackened tension For to die, it's lonely It's getting harder To get out of bed It's out there that I fear Come on and try me Sprung tight like teething Oh no, that doorbell And death she's crawling Her mouthparts suck this She's so sweet and loves me Devour my essence It's time to go now With patent swears I cried aloud: Intuition
Lycanthrope 03:11
Be gone! Cry in your own head We all have our own itchings See more of my true nature Those rings are strung on the table I'm gonna find you It's strange the fuel of my anger It's shameless the way that we murder Sometimes I hear the demons buzzing And I know it's time for the hunting You'd go good with some butter You'd go good with white bread I wanna suck all your butter And I wanna fuck up your head Can't say it but I feel something Yeah like the sun in my chest Exploding yet coming together Together like something obsessed
Your Song 08:09
Just tell me, how will I explain this to her? She knows me too well now I can't get anything past her Just shoot me, I don't deserve her favors Tears well up in my eyes I can't get her anything I can't believe my eyes Her anger's a disguise She needs me to adore her I've always just ignored her Alright now, doing meth on the weekends Smiling til my jaw's so tight I finally gave her everything Look my way We're down here minding the scales So much peace of mind Including, but not only my friends Kick, kick, kick the habit
R=Theta 06:29


Snail's first album release on Big Deal records.


released January 1, 1993


all rights reserved



Snail Seattle, Washington

Heaviness with sweet melodies and evil backmasking. Custom-made for mind expansion. Don't freak out!!!

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