All Channels Are Open EP

by Snail

Full-Acid 04:24
You crowd around me You crowd around my head See what you've made me? I made my Self instead Some cats they know me 6 sleeping in my bed They're purring louder Whispering in my head I'm speaking to my sheep I'm coming down Speak loudly someone Speak loudly from the soul Cry out my freedoms Til we bring it home Speak to me, the channels are open
In the pile In the pile, robes and knees Into that precious trance The trance religion In the sister In my sister, feels so deep So deep you can't compare The elevation Endless pumping Pagan fucking So come to worship…you Hang around Could you let me down? Could you go away? Seems to always happen Searing eyes and fame For awhile For some money, buy my speed And tourniquet my arm It's drawn to touch you It's unreal Once surreal and graying fast So fast you can't compare The elevation It's religion It's communion So come on dose it, dose with me
Coupon Day 04:12
Give away, you give away You stopped by Last weekend You've been slamming crank You tried to scam my bag What you gave Was no quarter I don't want to share I don't like to share I've never seen anybody like you I want to laugh at you shaking so hard Do you feel those bugs in your arms? They keep marching under your skin Get away You gave me Your friend's number He'd better watch his ass, Cuz you tried to scam my bag And now you're almost over Feel it in your veins Your heart's giving out
Scene 04:10
Mary's in the house, look what she's cooking She bought herself a gram of cocaine Well she don't know, but I've been watching She lit the torch, and there she goes again While we're all loaded on the back porch Been sipping bourbon all day Can't get this bitch to stop her talking She's done a track of rails and now I say: Scene from my kind of browsers The sun peaking in the sky High, like I was intended You know, you know I like to stare awhile You know what I'm living is the good life I've done it all, I do it still Cuz I won't last through tomorrow My body was made for me to kill


Released by Big Deal Records in 1994. Recorded on 4track cassette.


released January 1, 1994


all rights reserved



Snail Seattle, Washington

Heaviness with sweet melodies and evil backmasking. Custom-made for mind expansion. Don't freak out!!!

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